Ruidoso Hill Climb

Slinging mud, rocks, bikes, knobby tires and the smell of two strokes, I’ve never been to a hill climb competition before but it sounds like fun to watch. I was disappointed during the spring rally when there was a hill climb event scheduled at the Travel Center and it was canceled due to weather and that the course was never built. There was some issue with getting permission to cut down a tree.

This time had similar controversy. The tribe had agreed to the event long in advance and they were going to build the course. Then they backed out then agreed to do it again then backed out again. The course wasn’t actually built until Friday afternoon, the day before the event was scheduled. Up to a half hour before things got started a half dozen guys were still throwing the largest of the rocks off to the side.

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Mexican Federale Police Bikes

These are some of the pics of one of the groups of Mexican police at the Ruidoso Golden Aspen Rally over the weekend, I think there was about 25-30 of them. Former president Fox was also in the state, so they may have come up to the rally first and then went further north to escort him.

They were mostly all on very old Harleys, a few with some cool mods, with a few Goldwings, and Yamahas thrown in. It was a real hodgepodge of a fleet, it wouldn’t surprise me if these are the actual ones used in regular duty.

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Ruidoso Golden Aspen Rally 2009

Its that time again, another Ruidoso Rally. Just random pics I took over the weekend that I liked.

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