Castaways Seafood and Grill

Where do you go when you’ve eaten at every place in Port Aransas?    Castaways again!



Pirates Cove

By the time the air museum closed and kicked us out it was getting late, we had to turn back to Tillamook Oregon and find a place to stay.  Ok, mom & pop place with apartments on the upper floor and ice cold unheated pool $70, big improvement from the gouging the night before in Seaside.

Cece had been wanting crab for days, we had to get some now before we leave the coast.  Guy at the front desk of our motel recommended a nice place a ways north of Tillamook overhanging a cliff right on the ocean that had live lobster and dungenous crab.

That thing was bigger than she was, HUGE!

I went with something a little more tame, seafood pasta.

She thought this was loads of fun LOL

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Manny’s Buckhorn Tavern – #7 in America

Buckhorn Burger

Buckhorn Burger

You wouldn’t expect that this small nondescript building in the middle of nowhere would have one of the best burgers in the country according to GQ and the New York times. Its one of those places that if you didn’t know it was there you’d just pass on by without giving it a second glance, it doesn’t help that just across the street is the legendary Owl Bar that has its own top ten nationwide rankings. I have to admit that I’ve not noticed it in the last several hundred times I’ve passed through San Antonio, New Mexico and this was the first time I’ve stopped here. I usually only stop for the spectacular fudge at the filling station, you better not need gas after dark or on sundays though its closed.

This time there was no missing the old house/tavern, it was packed with more than a dozen Harleys, Bosque Del Apache vehicles and beat up old ranch trucks outside, it was hard finding a place to park. Maybe I shouldn’t have waited until a Ruidoso rally when lots of other bikers would be going through to finally decide to try out Manny’s. First thing you notice is the rather bold statement on the door and you think they must have a lot of balls to put up a sign like that with the Owl just footsteps away, no way the food out of a little shack could be that good. We waited and waited and waited some more, about 45 mins total. First for a place to sit and then another half hour for the burgers to arrive, luckily our waiter was highly entertaining and there was plenty of odd decor items to keep us occupied. How many places do you know of that have a stuffed Cougar next to the tables in the back?

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My ankle was killing me this morning. The insurance is paying for medical, and somehow they calculate pain and suffering from medical expenses and lost wages so I might as well get it checked out.

Went to urgent care around 9:20 and the parking lot was a ghost town, they dont open till 10 on saterday? Sorry, you arent allowed to get sick on the weekends.

To kill time I went looking for some breakfast and found the Over Easy Cafe hidden in a nook around the corner, sounds like my kind of place. They have fabulous omelets, can get them smothered with chile or incorporated with chile. Great atmosphere, the guy at the register seemed to know everyone who came in by first name and was happy to talk to you if he didnt. Like a breakfast version of Cheers, I will be back.
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