Supernationals – Hotrods and Ratrods

Quite a few old style hot rods, t-buckets, and rat rods in attendance this year, enough for their own post. I love this car above. The subtle gloss black flames on a flat black background and just a touch of color with the blue wheels and sparkplug wires. Very cool.

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Supernationals – trucks and bikes

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Supernationals 2010

The SuperNationals held in Albuquerque, New Mexico is one car show I never miss. Its one of the few in our area that always pulls in a few nationally recognized builders and customizers giving us a chance to see those amazing cars that have graced the pages of your favorite magazines the previous year.

If you are a motor head its sort of like getting to meet a movie star. You’ve followed the build progress, read all the stats, seen it in ads and fantasized about building something yourself and now.. Here it is! In Person!

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Albuquerque River of Lights – Videos

Some more pictures of the lights with some videos of the Carolers and the Albuquerque Symphony that I uploaded to YouTube. I am very impressed with the sound quality of my Canon PowerShot S5IS. For just a “prosumer” point and shoot SLR like camera not a true SLR or a video camera the sound and picture of these is outstanding.

At the time I got it, it was one of the only digital cameras that also had stereo sound. The two microphones are about an inch and a half apart though, I dont know how much “stereo” you can get with that. Having said that these of the orchestra especially sound great. Check em out and let me know what you think.

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Albuquerque River of Lights

Over the weekend we went to the Albuquerque River of Lights at the BioPark. The light displays are amazing and good photographic material. Check out the calender for additional entertainment, the night we went had carolers and the Albuquerque Symphony playing for music as we walked. Some of the displays and the fountains are driven by the sound also, very neat.

Fun for the whole family. There was blinkie light up cotton candy and glow sticks for the kids and coffee, tea or our choice of hot coco to warm up after a quick sprinkle made things a bit too cold.

I’ll put up some videos of the Symphony and carolers in another post, stay tuned.

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Ruidoso Spring Rally 2009

Ruidoso Spring Rally

Ruidoso Spring Rally

The Ruidoso Spring Rally was nice, it had drizzled and rained a bit cooling things off nicely and helped thin the crowds just a bit. Despite bing in the cage we got plenty of thumbs up and points to my bumper as bikes passed us on the road, I’m glad that I can still be recognized as a fellow motorized two wheel enthusiast in my wimpy econobox. At least my bumper sticker is getting plenty of visibility with the bike out of commission for now.

Military Appreciation Week

Military Appreciation Week

Military Appreciation Week

Memorial Day for too many Americans is seen as just another holiday, a reason to get off work and hit the beach or go fishing. It has lost its significance and meaning. This Memorial Day attend your local parade, visit a veterans cemetery or simply bow your head in a moment of silence to honor and remember those who gave their lives so that you may have the freedom to enjoy your holiday.

Separate from the rally a Military Appreciation Week thing was being put on in Ruidoso. Supposedly the Living Wall Memorial was going to be there the day before and I was hoping to see it but it was gone already and we missed it. Friends online had ridden to see it and said it was well worth their long trips and a very powerful memorial.

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