Blog Update!!!

I know it has been a long nearly 3 years since my last post but I have some pretty good reasons for being away like this:


I got married!

and this:


We have an amazing baby boy!

and I have tried to keep up with comments as best as I could.


With the new family and new expenses on the same income I’ve had to move the blog to a cheaper web host…  my house.

I hope I have not slowed down the blog too much. If I have I apologize, my DSL internet connection at home isn’t all that great. We don’t have cable tv and we stream all our television content so if we are streaming two videos at once the blog may be slower than usual.  I’m also not on a static IP and when my modem occasionally changes there may be a few minutes where the blog is inaccessible before DNS gets updated.   However it was either this or nothing.

I have noticed that this blog, especially the how-to articles, is as popular as ever and continues to get a lot of traffic for a personal blog despite having no new content in years. Amazingly the traffic continues to grow each year and google shows motorcycle forums from all over the world link to my motorcycle repair articles.  I’m glad my little blog can be of help to people, I will do my best to keep the site up.