St Louis Arch Museum

I did not realize just how big the underground museum at the St. Louis Arch was.  Many exhibits and quite a lot of floor space along with a couple of gift shops.


Good job Thomas J!  One of the best deals in history!

The museum had some good examples of settlers lives, from the houses they lived in to transportation, livestock and wildlife.

My great grandmother lived in a sod house! it was probably not this neat and clean inside.

Depictions of Native life.

They had a couple of live actor exhibits.  This guy was very good and very knowledgable.  I forgot who he was supposed to be, some black business man who worked his way up from nothing to become one of the cities wealthy and well respected citizens.

This guy was from Green Bay, that cold weather must make people want to put strange things on their heads.



St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch

This is one monument that you don’t need a map or GPS to find! It is pretty much visible from all areas of the city.


We got here early and were about the only car on our floor of the parking structure and except for a group doing Yoga under the arch we nearly had the park grounds to ourselves while we waited for things to open.

This has got to be a pretty cool prospective, it made me a little dizzy just looking at them.

St. Louis Arch Yoga

The park grounds are very nice, great walk ways, trees, shade and ponds.  Everything was well groomed and clean and seemed to be popular with morning joggers and other fitness folks.

Even the squirrels were having a good time jumping up the trees.

After we had explored all of the area it was time to wait for the gates to open.

We quickly grew bored during the long wait but at least we could take several hundred  “artistic arch” shots to pass the time.

St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch

I thought it was neat that you could still see the suction cup marks on almost all of the panels leftover from the arch’s construction phase.


As we were one of the first groups up the elevator I got wet paint all down my pants and back and side from the inside of the lift!  I complained to one of the rangers who let maintenance know that several passengers were getting paint on their clothes and they shut down one of the lifts.  I did not bring many clothes and now these were ruined!

The head maintenance guy found me downstairs and called over the guy who did the paint. He said that he was finished with the paint an hour before opening and it should have been dry by then like they had always done. They offered to get me a new shirt from the gift shop but before that to try washing it off as it was just water soluble paint.   I came out of the bathroom soaking wet but thank god the stuff came off!   Even if I lost my chance to get a free t-shirt I was so relieved I didn’t have to buy new pants!


Views from up top

Road Trip !!

For months we had been planning an epic road trip to do for our honeymoon.  Spend a week in Vermont, stay a while in Montreal and Maine, it’ll be awesome!

It had been a massive undertaking to try and get the bike prepped in time, we had just taken it to Ruidoso and noticed it still had some issues that needed to be sorted out. 12 hours from launch with the bike half packed and ready to go and Cece’s knee still hurting from the short trip the week before to Ruidoso we decided to abandon the plan and take the car instead, it wouldn’t be much of a trip if Cece couldn’t walk for all of it with her knee hurting from the vibrations on the bike.  The car would also be warmer in Canada, more comfortable and faster.  We really want to ride to New England but that’ll have to wait.

At 4 in the morning we hit the road. From Rio Rancho to Tramway on the other side of Albuquerque in 15 minutes! thats gotta be some kind of record.

Since I had a blowout 3000 miles after I bought the car new the car has always made a bit of a grinding noise if you accelerated or drove aggressively. I’m not sure if it was the light drizzle and water all the way to the Texas border or the somewhat high speeds for a lengthy time but going through Amarillo I thought the trip was over before it started.  Car was making such a horrible metal on metal grinding noise that we were sure the wheel was going to fall off.

Well we couldnt afford a rental car and we had a motel reservation in 2 days plus several others after that what would be lost of we ended up breaking down or having to wait for the car to be fixed.  We were kind of screwed, do we call the whole trip off or keep going and see what happens.

In the past any time the car started acting up like this, I keep thinking it’s a CV joint somewhere but so far no mechanic has been able to determine the cause, when it starts grinding if I’d let off the accelerator and don’t go past 1/2 throttle and just slow down it mostly goes away and after a few hours of driving it’s back to normal.

Lets go for it!

Not a whole lot to see but fog most of the morning, we kept the cruise control set right at the speed limit to ease the load on the car and by Shamrock Texas the car was back to normal Whew!

We had the car loaded with granola, bananas, crackers and vitamin waters in a cooler, we were planning on not stopping for anything but gas and bathroom breaks the first day as we had 1000 miles to get under our belt as fast as possible.

We did take a slight detour to check out this cool old Conoco station in Shamrock.

Boy Oklahoma sure is boring..

Garth Brooks Blvd

GPS got us temorarily lost in Oklahoma City, some how we wound up at the capitol building.

Wow, I don’t remember there being a giant casino in Tulsa the last time we were here.

Missouri!   First new state of the trip.

Joplin rest area.

We didn’t quite make it to St. Louis the first day like we’d planned.  We came close and stopped only about an hour short because of some major traffic jams from construction and some poor guy’s Cadillac burning to the ground in the middle of I44

We got up good and early the next morning to go check out the St. Louis Arch and continue on to Columus, OH.

Turned out to be a beautiful day after the fog from the previous day burned off

You see some cool things on the road sometimes.

I think we need to go that way to the arch!

At least the arch is easy to find.  We arrived right as they were opening up, perfect!