What are these called!?

We headed down to I10 to get to the coast and all along the shoulders and medians were fields of these flowers.  Any idea what these are called?    A forest ranger later told us they were bee balm but a quick look on Google images showed most of the pictures of bee balm did not look like this so we aren’t sure.

Eventually we got tired of the Interstate and went down some back roads towards the coast.  We were going down small farm roads hoping not to get lost when we found a fruit stand miles from anything.  We got a few cantaloupes fresh picked just yards away from where we bought them!  NICE!

With the late start the day had been a bit of a slog trying to get from Midland, TX to stay at Goose Island State Park again and we were too exhausted to make it.  We were beat and when we saw a motel with a pool we pulled over. Nothing feels like jumping in a pool after 500 miles of gusty dry winds and 100 degree temperatures.

In the motel room we found some literature on Coastal Bend College.    Wow!  What a small world.   My company had just been doing work for Coastal Bend and I had no idea they were in Texas. Funny coincidence that we happened to stay here.  Had to get a few pictures for the people back at the office.

You know you are in a college town when the binder in your motel with all the local cable channel and take out info also has sheets of literature on the area’s geology and oil characteristics.

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