V Star 650 Neutral Switch Oil Leak Fix


Oh No!  After the extreme cold weather my V Star 650 is pretending to be a Harley Davidson again! (Its just a joke people jeez, bikers are so sensitive. I know HD’s quality is not anywhere near as bad as the AMF days anymore)

Sooner or later if you have a xsv650 variant you will get this annoying leak by the kickstand.  Not to fear this is a very easy fix that even the most non-mechanically inclined can fix.  For me this problem seems to happen most often in the cold of winter, I think it is due to the plastic switch being set into the aluminum engine and the different materials expanding at different rates, or it could just be the cold O ring not sealing as good.  Who knows, but eventually all bikes seem to get this leak.

  • Pull the fake Transmission cover off. There are only 4 bolts holding it on, they will be the ones with the washer and rubber behind it. The other bolts on the Classic cover are fake and for show only, they don’t go to anything.  Your guess is as good as mine why they put fake screws on there, maybe its supposed to make the cover look cool and less like a fake tranny or as we would say “lipstick on a pig.”
  • Remove the crescent moon shaped cover, just 2 bolts here.

  • Check your stator wires grommet for leaks.  Another leak can happen from here that is much more difficult to fix.  These look good and seem to be holding since the Stator Replacement.

  • As you can see my leak this time is from the plastic neutral switch.   9 times out of 10 this will be the source of your oil leak from the kickstand area.


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