BMW R90/6 Clutch

Just a quick follow up on putting the clutch back together after checking for damage and getting new parts in.

I am impressed that the OEM parts come in such heavy duty packaging. You don’t see that much anymore.

Siebenrock clutch disks come pre greased with something.  I went ahead and added a touch of Honda Moly 60 paste on top of this just to be safe.

  • If you have gotten the clutch apart as mentioned earlier reinstalling the parts is pretty easy, just reverse the process.   You will need this special clutch alignment tool, I got this one from Jeff Trapp at Northwoods Airheads.  Use the shorter end for pre-1981 bikes and the other end for post ’81 bikes when they changed the clutch design.
  • Simply install the long screws you used in removal to hold the assembly together while using the alignment tool to make sure all of the pieces are lined up properly. If things are out of alignment you won’t be able to get the transmission on later.


  • Tighten down the nuts on the long bolts until the clutch bolts can be can be partially threaded in.  Be sure to use new bolts for this! Do not reuse the old ones!
  • With the 3 new clutch plate bolts holding securely you can now remove the temporary long removal bolts and put the rest of the new clutch bolts in.
  • Tighten them all up to the proper torque.  On my R90 this is 23 N-m or 17ft.-lbs

Thats it. Your bike is now ready for the transmission.

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