Unintended Consequences – Mantid Casualty

Whoops!  Our bad!

Back at the camp site I was trying to get pictures of this cool preying mantis that was hanging around on our table when it fell off on the ground.   Cece tried scooping him up with the trash refill packet left from our OFF battery powered fan mosquito repellent thing.

She plops it back on the table and it starts flailing around and ran off the table a few more times till the poor guy just fell over and croaked.   Wow what the heck happened? Then I saw she was using the OFF refill rapper and thought wow that’s some strong stuff!

Cece felt bad,  I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt it!

So if anyone thinks those fan powered mosquito repellents don’t work, just walking on the outside of one of the wrappers the refills come in was enough to kill this not small mantis.   Sorry little guy..

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