Texas State Aquarium – Dolphin Show

The main reason for coming to the Texas State Aquarium was for the dolphins!  Cece loves dolphins and I thought this would be a great opportunity for her to see them up close and personal.   We had paid for the dolphin encounter later in the day but we made sure to catch one of the dolphin shows as a treat to see what we were going to be in for.

The aquarium has 3 male dolphins Kai, Shadow and D.J. who interestingly all get along and are happy together and love performing.  Sadly D.J. passed away unexpectedly some time after we visited there and got to know him.

The show was great and pretty entertaining despite the packed to overflowing stands with school groups and kids.  They even took a few lucky young volunteers from the stands to help with the show, I bet that made their week.

Great show guys!    If you come to Texas State Aquarium check the schedule and don’t miss it!

Be sure to check out Texas State Aquariums outstanding underwater dolphin viewing room too!


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