San Antonio

Went through Goliad on the way back again and now we’re back in San Antonio!

Time for some killer food and entertainment down at the River Walk!

Trip is almost over so we might as well splurge with the money we have left and go all out on some fancy dining overlooking the water to watch the boats and listen to the live bands playing on stage down below.

Yum!  This chicken pasta was so filling I could hardly eat it all.  Absolutely delicious and big portions to boot.   It always annoyed me at other fine dining establishments that the more money you paid typically the less food you got and were still hungry afterwards, not so in Texas!

We noticed that there was a new Pirates of the Caribbean playing at the IMAX theatre in the Riverwalk Center.  IMAXs rule!  I’ve never actually seen a regular movie in one. There’s only one in New Mexico as part of a museum and they only play educational films on that and the next closest one is in Denver, not exactly optimal for a nice Sunday night dinner and movie.      Watching a regular movie in one was a new experience, I’ve never been to a movie theatre with assigned seating before, nice not having to fight for a seat.

With an hour and half to kill till the next movie started we had some time to kill.  Nothing like goofing off and making a fool of yourself to pass the time.   I wish I’d had another camera to take a picture of Cece and 5 other girls who were laughing their heads off while I had my picture taken with Kim.

Hey! I should buy this hat and wear it into the movie theatre!  What do you think?

Movie was good, we had another awesome night in San Antonio.


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