Presidio la Bahia grounds

We took far to many pictures here and even after throwing out 75% of them I need to divide this into 3 posts.   You’ve already seen the ones of the main building and history of Goliad.  These are just random pictures of the grounds and interesting details.  I’ll put up another focused on the church later.

The Presidio la Bahia is a photographers dream.  There are great architectural details everywhere and unlike the Alamo you don’t need to have the patience of Job to wait for all the people to get out of the way to get the shot.

Here is the severed arm Goliad Flag signifying that they would rather cut off their arm than live under Mexican rule.

One of the ramps to get the cannons up on the walls.


We were privileged to get to see one of the century plants in bloom.  It doesn’t happen very often and the plants die afterwards.   As you can see the stalks are huge and very impressive. You can watch these things grow a foot or more a day when they are sending up the stalk.

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