Pier 99

If you are in the vicinity of the Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington an excellent place to grab a bite to eat is Pier 99 located in between them.  We were turned onto it by a couple of city workers who kindly lead us back through the bridge construction zone to the Lexington after we got lost in the sea of orange barrels and wound up on the wrong side of the bay, thanks guys!

We loved the food here so much that this was the only place of our trip that we ate at a second time when we came back to do the Dolphin Encounter. As an added bonus the second time around we came just before the dinner crowd and got to listen to a great band warming up all to ourselves and got to meet the owner who was impressed that we actually rode the bike all the way here instead of trailering it.

Cece loves getting these giant plates of crab and shrimp samplers.  It was really good, highly recommended.

My meal from the second time, I believe this was Mahi Mahi but I don’t remember now.  Good but just a touch salty for me, I liked the Amber Jack much better.

Like in Oregon she ate the whole thing.  How does someone so small pack down so much crab?

This is the burger that bought us back a second time, freshly caught amberjack from the catch of the day menu.  Unfortunately they did not have it the next time we came, too bad as this was one of the most delicious fish burgers I’ve ever had.

Cece’s old stand by, she had clam chowder the first time.  I tried it, not quite as good as the awesome stuff we had back in Seattle but still quite good.

All of the outside furniture was made from PVC plumbing and wood, interesting. After how badly my spokes rusted after the 4 days we were camped near the beach I guess combatting corrosion near the beach must be a big issue.  This back area is just off the water and its hard to see but it is also covered with netting overhead, I assume to keep the sea gulls out from pestering the guests and becoming a nuisance.

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