Goose Island State Park Cardinals

We saw quite a lot of wildlife at Goose Island State Park.  Everything from deer to snakes to a huge raccoon that tried to break into our motorcycle bag to get to some food.  He was about the size of a mid sized dog, enormous! He was able to claw one zipper apart enough to reach in and commenced trying to pull everything out through a quarter sized hole!   Now I realize why there are the big metal poles with hooks up top at every camp site, you can see one in the center above.  We were a bit puzzled what these were for when we arrived,  hammock support? theres certainly no bears that I know of on the coast of Texas..  Ahh! Raccoons, thats what they are for!

There were tree frogs everywhere as well, they would become important later.  I’m not used to hearing frog noises from up in the sky while I’m trying to sleep. Each morning we had to round up all the frogs, they’d be inside the faucets and in the sinks and up on the walls in the bathrooms and showers.  We’d have to rescue them all and put them back outside.

Of all the wildlife we saw I was most amazed with the numbers of cardinals we saw.  I’ve never seen an actual cardinal before.  They were everywhere and very vocal singers. Everywhere we’d see flashes of red darting from tree to tree.

Near the showers was a feeding station with bird feeders and some nice bird baths where I was able to get some nice pictures.  The flashy males loved to pose for pictures but the females were a bit camera shy and difficult to catch and getting a male and female together in the same shot was next to impossible.  Out of a few hundred pictures I only got 3 or 4 with both a male and female.


At first I thought these were the weirdest looking ravens or crows I’d ever seen.  They were all black but when the light hit them just right the feathers turn a neat iridescent blue.  During a phone call I mentioned the strange bluish crows with fluffy tails and white eyes and was told they were called Grackles.  What do you know another new bird I’d never seen (or heard of) before.  People have told me they are loud and obnoxious but the ones we saw everywhere were not, I kind of like them.


No idea what this little guy is, someone told me but I forgot to write it down.  Let me know in comments if you know what it is.

Wow she’s fat,  egg laying season?


His and Her baths


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  • Cece E.

    This place was so amazing and full of all different kinds of wildlife action and reptiles too. It’s was like we belong theere for a reason. It was so perfect place to spend the vacation away from home. I’m so loving it alot. You just can’t get enough of the wildlife. It’s part or world. It was so wonderful and beautiful to see and learn.
    Check out this page. You’ll be amazed too.

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