Lake Tahoe and Reno

Lake Tahoe,  not many pics from this day.  We superslabbed it most of the way through central CA and there was not much to see except traffic.

On to Reno!  I had originally wanted to come through Reno first then go up to Lake Tahoe and camp there, but with our shortcut we ended up at the lake first and Cece still wanted to go down the mountain to check out Reno instead of bypassing it.

Cece had never been to any place like this before and was fascinated by the spectacle.  Her pictures as we cruised around town.

We decided to stop and grab a bite to eat at Circus Circus while visions from Fear and Loathing danced through my head.   I wasnt quite sure about leaving the bike and all the luggage in a parking garage but everything was virtually deserted and nothing was touched.

Next morning on to Yosemite!  We first stopped at the Carson City Rail Road Museum that I had been to as a kid and thought was the coolest thing ever to show Cece.  Unfortunately, it was closed..  Thats one disapointed biker.

As a whole, I love Carson City. They have come a long ways since I was here last 20 years ago. They have done lots of nice landscaping along the streets and overall looks a lot better, and I love the history of the place.  I dont care for Reno much but you have to comprimse on some things 😉   20 years ago Reno was more like the family friendly version of trashy Vegas with porn fliers littering the strip and blatant solicitation everywhere,  now they seem to have switched places with Reno being the trashy one and Vegas becoming more glitzy.

Damn Navata State legislators..

One shot through the window,  couldnt see the locomotives too well.

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