CA Coast Continued

It’d been at least a week since I thought my bike was a dual sport cruiser and attempted to take it down somewhere it had no business being.  What sort of an adventure would this be if we only stuck to the pavement.

We were attempting to get to a hidden valley of waterfalls and ferns up steep rock faces.  Yeah not a good idea with this much weight on the bike, the road was good but in spots washboarded up to the frame and we got beat to death.  Not to mention the trucks flying through here at 50 mph while we were going 5 at best, note the dust.

One of the Redwoods NP visitors centers

Now thats a saw!

More playing on the beach


We were running a bit late and I’m trying to haul ass through the twisties and trees when all the sudden theres a huge backup, WTF?  all traffic was stopped to let a huge heard of elk cross the road, dont see that every day.

A few of the young ones milling around by the road after the heard passed, dang kids.

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