Yaquina Head

The 101 along the Oregon coast is awesome, there was a lot of light houses.  We were so far behind schedule but we had to see at least one of them.

We timed it just right at the peak of low tide and got to explore the tide pools along the beach.

Loads of shore birds in colonies on the high rock islands

Cool getting to see some of the animals we had seen in the aquariums up close and personal in the wild

Sea Stars


Hermit Crabs

Even an enormous sea lion, although this one was dead.  They had it coned off to keep people away, nasty.  One of the rangers says its just too big to move so they’ll let nature take its course, the last time they tried to take care of the problem with dynomite and it didnt go so well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFwxH3PPWiU


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