Tillamook Air Museum

After the cheese factory we tried to haul butt down the road to finally get some miles under our belt today. Doing under 100 in a day just isnt going to work. Well a bit south out of town on the 101 when we were just getting into a groove we spotted the Tillamook Air Museum.  Theres absolutely no missing it, its an enormous building.  I thought OK, our mileage for today is already shot anyway, lets stop to check it out.

We watched the film on the history of the place, after it was shut down by the Navy space was leased out for private industry, at one time it housed a lumber yard, a saw mill, and a paper mill all at the same time under one roof.  This is hangar B,  A was destroyed in a fire after something like a million bales of hay went up.

Pictures just dont convey how truly enormous this building is, you could fit a couple office buildings inside.

I’m not much of an expert on flying things and by now all my pictures of the plaques identifying what things were are all scrambled out of order.  If you know what these are let me know and I’ll update the post.

I didnt know that there used to be a lot of Blimp bases along the coast, they were used for U Boat spotting.


Haha  funny

This is a spanish made Messerschmitt(sp) with a Merlin engine instead of the Diamler Benz

Not sure exactly what that UF shield logo on the front means, I’ve also seen it on old IMZ motorcycles.

Cece liked this one, even if her name was misspelled 😉

Russian MIG

I love how this is written in english LOL

Hey look a Gold Wing training pod.

Uh oh, we’re in trouble now if shes piloting

This looks like a CJ-750, not exactly sure why this is in here.  NOTE: If you see one of these on ebay touted as a BMW even with beemer badges, its not and total garbage stay well away, you most likely wont be able to register it.  That is unless you want a neat looking $1000 paperweight.  Lot of people get burned on these and then try to con someone else to get rid of it.

NICE!  I soooo want one of these, there was one for sale in town for $5K I just dont have the $$ or room for another money pit.

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  • Cece E.

    That was so fun and amazing place. WOW!

  • Jeremy Z.

    This museum is truly amazing. All the planes are restorations and most are still used for local air shows. I’ve been an Oregon native for 15 years and made my first visit to the musuem early this spring. Great collection of pictures. The jet shown from behind with the twin thrusters is a F-14 Tomcat (The jet from Top Gun) I believe. And the one with the guppy looking face just below the pic of the messerschmitt is an A-7 Corsair. Those two really picqued (sp) my interest while visiting.

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