Tillamook Air Museum – Engines

I’m a big engine guy, I could have spent days in this place looking through everything.  I had to go out through the rail yard to get a closer look at this thing.  A working one of these was going up and down a tourist railway along the coast, since it took us all day to ride 50 miles it passed us a bunch of times.  I’ve never seen a steam engine in this configuration, it looks like a huge Moto Guzzi.

Its a giant V Twin under the boiler with an open crank like the old hit and miss engines were.  The hit and miss ones were like this for easier access for maintenance and lubrication, but got more dirt contamination and faster wear so they needed more maintenance…

Open drive, yikes!  This obviously is from the time when railway safety was self policed 😉

Rolls Royce Merlin

Rolls Royce Griffon

Pratt & Whitney R-1803

Pratt & Whitney J-52

Allison V-1710

Ranger V-770

Can definately see the air craft lineage from my BMW motorcycle, Continental boxer twin.

Spring valve engines are so cool.

Continental O-470-11   Lot of flat 6’s  GoldWing or Porsche owners would feel right at home.

Anyone who follows jaylenosgarage.com would recognize this:  Wright Hispano

Franklin B9F

Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major (28 cyl radial)  Anyone else think this came out of the Star Wars pod races?

Curtiss OX-5


Not to be outdone by arch rival, General Electric


Full gallery from Air Museum: http://picasaweb.google.com/Xocmal/TillamookAirMuseum#

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