T&C Motorcycle Plumbers

After getting everything repacked to hit the road first thing in the morning, Jenny wanted to fix the water faucet on the front of the house.  This was at 5pm.  I said more than once home repairs like this shouldnt be done this late even if you think it’ll be a 5 min job, cause it wont be.

Oil field man, I guess its up to me.  I dismantled the faucet and we headed to Home Depot to get some repair gaskets.  Nothing.  Get a replacement valve instead.   Go home and the thing will not budge, of course theres no access to behind the wall to brace the pipe.   All the time I’m working on this slugs are coming out from under the house, giant ones, little ones, fast ones, yuck!  This is the whole reason for doing this, they were eating the flowers and we traced them back to the dripping faucet.  I do not like slugs!  They are too much like leaches,  I ended up dreaming about being stuck in a small room with slugs pouring in from under the walls…  We’ve been looking at snakes, lizards, gigantic spiders, all kinds of deadly venomous things for days and I end up having nightmares about slugs LOL.

Trying with all my might the copper pipe sheers in half 5 ft back Doh!!  Now we have to rebuild the entire line.

Back and forth to Lowes like 5 times, I’m so glad they stay open till 9pm.    We ended up using this new product called Shark Bite plumbing fittings.  Very Cool!!!   All you do is press the copper, vynal, galvanized or whatever pipe in one end till it stops and pull a bit and its locked in place water tight.  There is a little C thing that you can press around the collar and reverse the process to release the pipe.   So basically no tools required, no soldering or anything.

We got one to join the two copper pipes together and another threaded one to join the faucet to the copper.  Once we had all the parts it was done in 3 or 4 mins.  SWEET!    Something like this could put plumbers out of business.

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  • Cece E.

    Wow! It was very funny to watch. It was pretty crazy too. It was fun anyway. Hanging out with my family was wonderful visit. I love the action. Tim did a great job on the pipes. I’m proud of him.

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