Made it to Lake Stevens where we stayed with Cece’s Aunt and Uncle for almost a week.  First thing they did was take us on a little tour of Seattle!

I’d always wanted to spend some time around Seattle where many of my college friends wound up and where most of my coworkers had lived at one time or another.  Interesting to see how my life could have been had I persued employment in the North West instead of Colorado and New Mexico.

Dome where the Seahawks play.   The road down below is the end of the land, those buildings on the right are all on piers sticking out over the water.

One quick glimpse of the Olypic Mountains before becomming shrouded in clouds again,  we never did get to see Mt. Rainier.
Seattle along the shoreline is an interesting mix of old and new, I thought it was a beautiful city.  All those very steep streets at nearly 45 degrees with red lights on every intersection uphill kinda suck on a bike though.
Yep in the big city now, a back woods mountain boy like me feels really out of place here LOL.  I know what they mean now when tourists say that Albuquerque really isnt a city, its more like a very large town. I guess they’re right.   One thing I noticed, most people seemed to be much more fashion conscious and better dressers than in New Mexico, even Santa Fe.  No TJ-Max extra cheap thrift store clothes here.
We went through Pikes Place Market most of the afternoon, very interesting place.  Its sorta like the mercado in Mexican cities like Juarez but jam packed in a thin multistoried building, you can find all sorts of knick nacks in there. Shops for just about any kind of curio.   The upper floor/ground floor from the front was awesome, artwork, flowers, farmers market, food vendors, and of course the throwing fish guys.   We got there late and most folks had already gotten their fish for the day so wasnt prepared for the action shots when they happened.
I thought it was very funny that this is the building across the street, the “Sanitary” market LOL
Not near as much public art as Santa Fe but some pretty cool pieces scattered around, I like this one of a giant squid.
Clam chowder from one of the cramped resturants inside, the best I’ve ever had in my life!  Wow!  Cece thought so too.  Now that I know what I’ve been missing I dont know if I’ll be able to eat that progresso stuff again.
I REALLY wanted to take this home.  I was affraid to ask how much it was judging by the other modles in this shop, a bunch.   The only way I’d ever afford a Brough Superior.
Of course we couldnt go here and not visit the original Starbucks!  Hard to believe the first one was barely opened in ’71 and they’ve taken over the world by now.
Whats up with all the pig statues? I dont get it..   This one made from coffee beans was pretty amusing.
Lots of very good street musicians.  I like these guys,  the ducktape glove really completes the look.  The lady in the back played the violin and the saw, of the wood cutting variety.
These guys were amazing, they should be on one of those amature singing shows.

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  • Cece E.

    I really enjoyed the city of seattle, WA. Of course I have been to seattle so many times. Because my family lives there. I love everything in seattle. The coffee is my best favorite to have for the day of walking all over. One way to get great excerise. If you plan on going to seattle, WA. It’s worth it, very fun place to travel.

  • such fabulous pics. thanks for sharing! hopped over here after reading your story of the “poorest” time of your life. look forward to seeing more of your site.

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