Seattle Aquarium – Reef Fish

The Aquarium of course has some great reef tanks that were just amazing with the colors and varieties of fish.

These anemones were huge

Colorful Corals

Giant scallop

Nick told me what these are but I’ve forgotten.

Another big scallop


These are meat corals, its one giant polyp


We were looking at this big reef tank when all the sudden all the fish just went bizerk.  Fish came out of hiding, swarming out of every nook and cranny and went crazy!

Then we realized why, 30 seconds later a big thing of lettuce tied to an anchor drops in and its a veggie feeding frenzy LOL

I tried and tried to get a good picture of this trigger fish.  In Jr High in Marine Biology class I guess the teacher trusted me enough to get assigned to take care of the tank with the prized clown trigger fish.  Its a very high dollar fish and I was told it’d be my life if anything had happened to it 😉

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