Seaside Oregon

Exploring town.   Seaside is a bit like a permanent carnival midway.  Arcades, bumper cars, rental 4,6,8 man pettal cars, all the usual carnie miday games to seperate you from your money and the most unhealthy food ever like funnel cake or cotton candy.   Never been in a town thats like a year round fair.

Some really impressive hotels here.

Lots of tourist and trinket shops.

Messing arround in one of the hat shops.     I would totally wear this snowboarding 😉

Blurry pic cause I was laughing so much.  EVERYONE thinks Cece is chinease untill told otherwise, even my coworkers from China.


4th of July!  absolutely no traffic or cars downtown, we were on the parade route and had to figure out our way through the road blocks to get out.

Morning on the beach

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