Seaside Aquarium

Yet another aquarium.   At the hotel we were given a voucher for one free thing of seal food so we had to go to Seaside Aquarium, its one of the last privately owned ones in the country.

28lb lobster! holy crap!

The tanks in this aquarium werent in that good of shape, actually quite bad and they only had a few nice specimens.

Wolf Eel

Playing in the touch pools again.

The next pool in the middle of the floor had this sitting in it. Yikes!  No sticking fingers in the water!  It seemed to like Cece, or maybe was trying to eat her. Once she looked in it went from being a small ball to spreading out like this and going after her and following her around the tank.

I think this is a humbolt squid I forgot to check

Many kinds of local crabs

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