Reptile Zoo

While we were on that end of town we had to visit the Reptile Zoo a few miles away that Cece had been wanting to see for weeks since she heard about it LOL.

Pretty big place with lots of animals and plenty of space.  I really think Cece’s museum needs to expand now after being there, but hers is in a 300 year old part of town, they werent really building for zoos back then 🙂

I’m not going to post too many of the snake pics.  We got took way too many for Cece’s boss, maybe 500 total, I’ve only uploaded the best ones.  For those snake people that are interested in checking out the full gallery go here:

One of my favorites, Gaboon Viper.  They listed this as the second most poisonous in the world

Look at the patterns, amazing.  I saw a video of one in their natural habitat and they’re near impossible to see amongst scattered dead leaves.

Desert horned Viper

One of the only snakes I’m scared of, a Water Moccasin.  This one is named Cranky Franky 😉  I used to swim in the lakes in Texas and seeing one of those swimming close to you is terrifying or fishing in a bass boat that drifts under some low hanging branches with one of those right next to your head.  I’m fine with all the kinds of rattlers around my home that only bite defensively but aggressive water snakes freak me out.

Emerald Tree Boa

One some of you may recognize, a copper head.

Besides loads and loads of snakes they had lots of other unusual reptiles.  Two headed red eared slider

Albino american aligator

Another one I’m kinda scared of, aligator snapping turtle.  We saw one of these in Colorado that was over 100 lbs and the size of a dinner table.   I dont hear of too many severe injuries from them but after nearly having my finger severed by a desert box turtle I found as a kid I’m staying well away from large snapping jaws 😉

A tegu, look at those jawls LOL

Some kind of Monitor, they had several species of em.  For every animal they had a little about it, where it lived, what it ate etc.  For the montors, Diet:  Whatever it can catch 😉

Leopard tortoise.  Cece knows all about getting bit by these.

Awww..  Bearded Dragons.   She had a mated pair for many years, the male died last year and the female earlier this spring.

Cool, vieled chameleon.

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