Pirates Cove

By the time the air museum closed and kicked us out it was getting late, we had to turn back to Tillamook Oregon and find a place to stay.  Ok, mom & pop place with apartments on the upper floor and ice cold unheated pool $70, big improvement from the gouging the night before in Seaside.

Cece had been wanting crab for days, we had to get some now before we leave the coast.  Guy at the front desk of our motel recommended a nice place a ways north of Tillamook overhanging a cliff right on the ocean that had live lobster and dungenous crab.

That thing was bigger than she was, HUGE!

I went with something a little more tame, seafood pasta.

She thought this was loads of fun LOL

Slow going but making pretty good progress.

Just a pile of carnage left, I cant believe she ate all of that! I couldnt even finish mine.

View out our window.  Waves of clouds and drizzling rain kept coming in. I dont know what it was, that light mist combined with the salt spray but I got to the motel afterwards and parked between two boats in the covered lot for renters with working aux HID lights and the next morning nothing.  They havent worked since, and the LEDs dont light up on my switches.

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