Oregon 101

It had taken us 3 days to get across Oregon when I had only budgeted 1 or 2 days.  All of my friends from the area told me months in advance to avoid the 101 at all costs around the 4th of July and they were right!  They said campgrounds would be booked months in advance as well as all motel rooms because the coast is where everyone in the state tries to vacation.  Unfortunately due to time arangements to be in Washington when we were we ended up being here at the worst possible time.

I figured we’d just blast across Oregon and miss all the crowds and try to make it to California as fast as possible, boy was I wrong..   Traffic was so bad that in a day of motoring we barely made it 60 miles one day and had our only motorcycle accident the next.   It took much longer to get across Oregon than we anticipated so we didnt get to stop to see as many things as we wanted, but at least the scenery was pretty good.  Maybe we need to come back another time at a better season.

Not too many pics because we kept trying to push on and make up lots of lost time.

Further down the road a view of the OR coast just north of CA.

This would make a cool scavanger hunt item, your bike in front of a ship wreck haha.

Motel this night $59 for a Motel 6, rooms just keep getting cheaper and cheaper the further away from Seaside you get 😉

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  • Cece E.

    I really love everything that we have seen and been too. I had so much fun riding around on the bike. It was GREAT FUN!!!! I would love to do this again.

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