New Shoes for the V Star

Next day, tire time!  Rear tire was almost slick by now and in desperate need of replacing.  After asking around on the boards and checking the google reviews of places in the area I settled on Adventure Motorsports and went there first thing in the morning through the rain.  They hadnt opened yet and were in a company meeting to give bonuses to anyone who could brainstorm ideas to bring customers in.   One of the guys nods to me and yells out how about deals on tire changes?  LOL

Manager of the service dept asked if I had an apt. Nope.  He says they are booked solid for a week out and doesnt have the techs to work on my bike right now. WTF?  I look around and say its pouring rain, I dont see anyone else here waiting in line, I’m the only customer here. He storms off I’ll see if I can fit you in.

The overworked techs come out to check out the bike and can barely believe that its a V Star much less that anyone would take a 650 across the country.  One of the lead techs says to just ignore his boss and starts typeing in my info on the computer.

They had a really big selection of bikes.  With a seperate building across the lot for the service dept.  You can just see in this pic off to the side is a small diner/coffee shop.  This is the only bike dealership I’ve ever been to that had a resturant inside.  They gave us a voucher for one free meal while getting serviced.

Cece even found something she likes.

They had so many bikes they had converted office space to hold stuff it looks like.

And a lot of dual sports and dirt bikes as well.

They couldnt fit another Metzeler right away and would track one down and get it on later in the day if I wanted, I went with another Dunlop instead.  The guy putting in the order said hed give me a little bit of a break on the labor since we had come so far and quoted me a price.   Later after they were finished and we’d been talking with some of the sales guys for a while the price I ended up paying was even less, I dont remember now but around $60 off.   In exchange for posing for pictures that they could put up on their Facebook page along with a bit about us heh.

UPDATE:  Hey cool, a pic of us on the dealership’s Facebook page

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