Museum of the Rockies (cont.)

Now on to something that actually has something to do with the “Rockies.”

There are several well put together exhibits of early life on in Montana like this filling station.  Others included medical offices and store fronts as well as a nicely done Native American wing where no photography was allowed.

These examples of early dress go with the horse drawn era exhibits show casing how the early tourists would have traveled through the west and seen places like Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Stagecoach

This wagon was cool, and the most weathered and beaten thing they had on display.  Growing up where I did and going through the Museum of the Horse’s extensive wagon and coach collection I’ve never seen a tanker wagon.

The Winchester Wall, I think every place having something to do with the West has one of these.

Horse drawn fire fighting wagon

The Bain Wagon.  Semi truck of the old west.

I love this vintage road map.  The red lines are paved, yellow improved and black unimproved.  As you can see New Mexico does not have a single paved highway when this was made, even Montana and Wyoming have a few short paved stretches.

It just dawned on me that Pennziol is from Pennsylvania LOL can’t believe I never made that connection until seeing this.  I suppose that bee hive looking logo on the old quart bottles I always used is supposed to be the Liberty Bell.

Getting into the Modern Era with this nice Woody

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  • Cece E.

    This was amazing place to check out. The whole musuem was GREAT, it was way before I was born. WOW! I can’t believe it before my eyes. That all these were made by wood. Please have a look, check it out.

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