Mud Volcano

Up the road from Lake Yellowstone is the Mud Volcano parking area.  Everything here is contained in a small area and doesnt take long to see, well worth stopping for just to see the Dragon’s Mouth Spring which I thought was one of the coolest things we’d seen so far in Yellowstone.

From a distance you can hear the low roars of the steam echoing through internal chambers of the Dragon’s Mouth Spring and the eruptions of steam up ahead. It does sound like you are walking up to the lair of a living fire breathing dragon. Very Awesome!

We only had our crappy Kodak that I keep in my pocket for a spare camera, we tried to get some video but the quality was very poor especially the sound.  Very disappointing, the video does not capture the sound much at all. In person it was just Wow!  Looking at other YouTube videos of this they all similarly do not capture the impressive low range that you could feel in your chest that really makes it feel like there is something big living down there.    Our video is here, pretty bad not worth embedding. I didnt find any others on YT that capture the sound good either, too bad.

Wow be careful where you park.  Steam vents had come up in the middle of the parking-lot in what looked like tire marks.  I wonder who came back to find their car sunk into the ground engulfed in steam.

More of the Mud Volcano and paint pots.

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