Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Antler Arches on the Plaza in Jackson Hole Wyoming.  With huge herds of elk that shed their antlers every year you have to do something with all of them.  The local Boy Scouts collect them each year and sell the antlers at public auction on the plaza each May.  So of course besides the arches there were antler wreaths, antler chairs and furniture, antler chandeliers etc all over town.

I like Jackson Hole, it has that old west feel like where I grew up in Lincoln County, NM.

They also had killer sculptures at art galleries all over town.  It reminded me a lot of Santa Fe my current home.  One of the gallery owners was also a bike rider and also used to live in Santa Fe gave us many great tips on good motorcycle roads and places to check out.  He told us that the 5 biggest art markets by dollars sold were: New York City, LA, Santa Fe, Chicago, then Jackson WY.  Wow who knew?  both Santa Fe and Jackson are tiny population wise.

Some galleries even sculptures of non-Montanan subjects like these cool tree frogs.

Just like back home in Santa Fe we caught several artists practicing their trade right outside in the public.

Shopping, walking around town, and looking at all the art work helped to cheer up Cece and brighten her mood after the terrible morning.  Before we knew it it was several hours past lunch time and after dealing with police that morning instead of breakfast we were STARVING!  We had some killer burgers at a tavern overlooking the plaza.

On the way back to the camp site we had to check out the large town visitors center.

Some ducks in the wetlands behind the building next to some of the presentations going on.

Inside was some of the most impressive taxidermy I’ve ever seen.  It must be a whole industry in these parts.

I’ve never seen an entire elk herd stuffed before.  Quite an ambitious project.

Another of these impressive chandeliers, one of the nice hotels in town where I borrowed the WIFI to pay some monthly bills had several of these in the lobby and more outside under the front entrance where you’d unload your car.

They had examples of all the local wildlife on display.

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