Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Another must see at Yellowstone, Upper and Lower Falls!  Both of these are magnificent waterfalls and have several good and easily accessible vantage points.   Upper falls was shorter but had one of the best views not requiring any hiking.  Lower Falls is three times higher but without an up close viewing area except Tom’s Trail which goes down into the canyon on metal walkways.

To get here there are two roads near Canyon Village.  The southern one will take you to points to see both Upper and Lower Falls and dead ends at Inspiration Point.   The other is a one way loop from Canyon Village and will take you to Inspiration Point, the only easy way to get a glimpse of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

I apologize for the poor quality of some of the pics, and the ones back on Lake Yellowstone, we left both good cameras back at camp after the soggy morning. We didnt want to get them soaked and ruined. All these were taken from the cheap throwaway one I kept in my pocket.

Uh-Oh! Bears in the area!  Cece would make a nice little snack.

Anyone who has looked at paintings or Ansel Adam’s prints of Yellowstone has seen this scene.  Very cool to see views from the aptly named Artist Point in person.

A closer view of Lower Falls from the north side.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone viewed from Inspiration Point.   We were told that this canyon was where the name Yellow Stone came from.  I’d seen paintings of this canyon before, my pictures dont quite line up, the spine that the walkway runs down into the canyon had collapsed some years back and the walkway no-longer extends out as far as it would have many years ago.

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  • Cece E.

    This was so amazing places of yellowstone. If your not afraid of hights. Than your ok looking over. Of course I’m afraid of hights. So, it took me a while to get up and look over to see the falls. I get shaking feelings. At least Tim was there with me.

  • shaun

    GREAT pages to look at and reflect on. I have a BMW R90/6 as well. It is in New Zealand at my father’s place. I live in Australia and go home to NZ alot. I am most interested in your experiences with this bike and have studied your clutch many times. Good Luck and thankyou. Have some children soon!! I have 4. Shaun O’regan

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