Fender Bender

We hiked back up to where our bike was parked and there was our helmets sitting on the sidewalk next to the bike, What the hell?  Someone had been messing with the bike!   We ran over and a guy sitting in the shade came up to us and told us what had happened, they had backed into the bike with their SUV and knocked it over @#$%

Both of our helmets were dinged from falling off the seat

My Yellowstone bottle had taken the brunt of the fall, I’m so glad none of the bike ended up like this.

Only body damage, a nicked fender.   Damnit I just fixed that!  I had another one in the exact same place untill our wreck when the insurance replaced the whole fender.

Great now Both turn signal lenses are broken, one from each SUV encounter.

Heres their car.  They did say the damage to their car was existing from a previous wife backing into a tree incident and backing into a pole. They seriously need to invest in a car with backup sensor alarms.

I thank them for staying to give me the insurance info and talking to me but after the number of claims I’ve already had that werent my fault recently my rates keep going up, I think I’ll just put one of those chrome fender tips on the front and that should hide the damage.

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  • Cece E.

    That was so CRAZY, I keep telling myself that we’re never get into another accident on this trip. Until we saw the bike laying on the ground without the passengers on the bike this time. YAY! It was a big shock to us. I was upset about my helmet that it fell off the bike and hit the pavement. Put it all good. At least nobody was hurt on this trip. Thank you my lord that was watching out for us on this trip.

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