Exploring Seattle

More walking around Seattle after the Aquarium.

NICE!  My kind of store!   I was even more impressed that these colorful restras are not treated like many of the touristy decorative ones are in the tourist traps back home so they can actually be used for cooking and eaten.

Off to Seattle Art Museum.  Right across the street on the corner was a Harley Davidson dealer, cool!  Except I went inside and its an HD dealership that doesnt actually sell bikes or parts…  Clothing only LOL.   I’ve heard jokes that Harley Davidson was merely a fashion designer that sometimes built motorcycles on the side, now we have proof that it is!

The Art Museum unfortunately was closing at 4:30 and we got there at 4, bummer.  The ticket ladies said they would let us in for free or whatever “donation” we felt apropriate for a half hr.   its like 4 floors so no way we’d be able to rush through or see much of anything and we just left.

Found a pretty cool old fashioned boat shop where they still make these things as shipmakers used to.   They had some neat pictures of steps along the way of making one of these,  being a landlubber from the desert I find this kind of stuff fascinating 😉

*pant* *gasp* wheeze*    I gotta say one thing, anyone that lives or works downtown has gotta have some ripped calf muscles, theres nothing but steep steps every freaking where.  Even with the advantage of super oxygenated twice as thick air I was getting tired.

More walking around town, we ended up back near Pikes Place Market again.


Goofing around.


If you are scared of spiders stop reading here 😉


Saw signs for a Bug Zoo, and of course anything involving creepy crawlies Cece has to check out.  I’ll try not to terrify anyone or give them nightmares with too many pictures.     I find it amusing that 1/2 of the things they had actually came from New Mexico. Same thing happened last year, we took a break from the road and visited a zoo halfway across the country and they had a “Southwest” exhibit.   I guess to the rest of the US my home is some exotic land with scary and frightening beasties 😉

We did talk to the owner of the place and arranged maybe some exchanging of critters between Cece’s Rattlesnake Museum and these guys.  He did explain how he breeds tarantulas without the males dying, that may come in useful 🙂

Wolf Spider

Chilean Rose Tarantula

Costa Rican Zebra tarantula.   He also had a goliath bird eater tarantula that was enormous, like 10 inches across but none of those pics came out.

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  • Cece E.

    It was amazing place, I loved it very much and I had so much fun there. I learned alot too. Cool place in seattle, WA. Check it out. If your not afraid of creepy crawling critters.

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