Flaming Gorge National Rec Area

Made it to Flaming Gorge just in time to check in and get a spot, another unbelievable killer road going into there around the lake and through the high mountains and aspen trees.  The sun sets early on that eastern side of the mountains though and there was deer and elk everywhere on the road that I was having to keep a paranoid eye out for and it was ungodly cold.  I’m talking hypothermia cold, by the time I got back into the sun I couldn’t stop shaking.  Cece had a sweatshirt, long-sleeve shirt, and her insulated liners in her gear before we got to the mountains, I had nothing and was trying desperately to get to the campground in time, no time to stop and put more clothes on.

The sun this far north sets close to 10pm, so this was probably taken around 9:30 when we got the tent set up.

Practicing some more night photography of the sunsets.

Camping right on the shore was a bad idea, one thing I wasn’t exactly expecting when booking my spot online was just how many mosquitoes there would be!  I’m talking clouds of them! You could barely breath without sucking in a few and they litterally got into EVERYTHING!  We had mosquito alfredo pasta with mosquito hot chocolate for dinner.  The next morning it was mosquito oat meal and mosquito instant cappuccino.  Mosquitoes Suck!

I knew people back home just wouldn’t believe this so heres a few pictures of the evil swarms like something out of a bad sci-fi flick.

In case you cant see, heres a more zoomed in shot.   Neither of us got bit this night, we used 3 or 4 Off wipes each!  As soon as we parked the bike they were all around us before we got out the bug repellent en force.  I thought for sure we’d be eaten alive during the window before we got the wipes on but I guess these mosquitoes didn’t like our spicy New Mexico blood.  The ones in the Tetons are another story.

A lot nicer in the morning but still freezing. Before we left I had to get a heavy sweatshirt from the marina on clearance for the summer season.

We seem to have set up camp in the middle of a prairie dog town in the dark.

The baby prarie dogs were hilarious to watch while we ate our mosquito breakfast.   They would play and run after each other through the grass right up to us, jump down a hole and pop up somewhere else and tackle each other.

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