Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Arizona in June? For me, one word HOT! So of course after wearing my super thin clothing and ditching the liner in my motorcycle gear we hit an unexpected cold front and it was down right freezing..

It was overcast and trying to rain much of the way but not doing anything but generate lots of cross winds


We also met up with quite a few riders at the totally disapointing Four Corners National Monument, closed for construction. One of riders had some family on the other side of Beartooth Pass and said that it had snowed 4 inches yesterday and the pass is closed with several feet still. I’m not having high hopes for it being open in a few weeks.

I had hoped that they’d at least have the cancelation stamp thing out for our National Parks passport, but nope just lots of mud and chain link fence with no tresspassing signs posted in every available space. Looks like it would be nice when its finished with a little platform in each state.

In the meantime there is just this symbolic one made out of rocks for pictures showing that you made the trip all the way out here for nothing. Well not quite nothing, we did get a Navajo Nation pin for the bike to go with our medicine wheel.

Good start to our trip,

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  • Cece

    Actually Airzonia was pretty cool, yes it was hot, hot wind. The senic ride was wonderful, amazing to see. I like it very much. I enjoyed seeing red mountians, cliffs along the way through the states. It was great fun!

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