Homemade Engines

At the antique engine show and motorcycle collection at Tom’s house in Las Lunas was an old guy from Wagonmound who showed up with a couple of engines he had built himself, as in made from scratch! Wow! Amazing!

I am blown away that someone could build something like this in their home shop in their spare time, incredible. Look at the craftsmanship of these pieces, you can still see all of the machining marks in the aluminum. Not all of the pieces are exactly the same I noticed. If you look at the surface above the spark plug in this picture you’ll see that its not perfectly flat and has 2 surfaces while all the others are one plane. I saw another detail elsewhere like this, as though he was making refinements along the way, not something you would see in a kit.

Classic motorcycle collection

1914 Excelsior Auto Cycle

We were invited down to another antique engines showing this weekend. This one was being held at a guys house near Las Lunas, NM and I was told that he was a director for the Albuquerque Museum and had quite a nice motorcycle collection. To go see some old bikes we decided to take the old BMW airhead for its first long distance ride to see how she does.

Wow is all I can say. He had such a wide selection of bikes going back to 1914 in various states of restoration but his garage was just amazing. I’m aspiring to have something halfway close to this by the time I retire. The garage was built into a hillside and as far as I can tell was almost the entire footprint of the house with the living quarters on top. I’m blown away by how neatly organized everything is and just how many bike parts there were laying around.

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