NM Motorcycle Events

Have you ever gone out for a ride only to see dozens of bikes going the other way and you realize you’ve missed some rally that you didn’t know was happening or forgot about? Yeah me too, all the time. Looking around on the Net I’ve come to realize that there is no one place for all the local rallies and events. You can find calenders here and there with a small handful of different things listed on each one, but no one place to get an idea of what all is happening everywhere across the state.

Over the last month or so I’ve been bookmarking all of the local event pages I can find and decided all of my time and effort may be of use to others too.

So new for 2010, I’ve put up a calender for New Mexico Motorcycle Events at the top of the page. If I get the time I may also go through and add in various car shows and other gear head type events. This is still a work in progress and hugely time intensive to scour the net in December and January to find links, times and dates of events for the rest of the year, many web pages have not been updated yet. So if you know of any that I may have missed or not put up yet let me know the info and I’ll get added or updated.

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