Year in Review

Well 2009 and the ‘aught decade are about to come to a close so like everyone else I was doing a bit of reflection and realized its been one very busy year in motorcycling for me. No wonder I’m so far behind on keeping up with this blog šŸ˜‰

The V Star got some New Tail Lights

A new addition to the family, Dad gets a V Star too.

We learned that Feb is a little too cold to ride through the mountains, and snow and ice is very scary and treacherous while 2 up.

One of our first out of state long distance rides.. to Patrick’s house in Irving TX.

Group ride with the DFW crew from CCND forum

First unofficial forum Meet and Greet at Dino’s House

Crazy Spring Weather

Close Encounters with a SUV

Rebuilding from the wreckage

C & T’s Epic Ride 2009! First multi week trip on the bike, 4000 miles through 8 states.

Playing Tourist

Lalo and the Kawi ZX14. A few months after this he would get broadsided by a lady running a stop sign at high speed through his neighborhood.

Fun at the water park

Patrick’s House again

The Bobber just before it was sold šŸ™

Goin’ through the Big D

Cece getting to feed Terry and Wanda’s barrel horse Lil Bit

Huge Spider Bite

West Texas

Happy 100!

Motorcycle Sunrise on Sam Reyburn Lake

Camping on the shore.

Gett’n some fish’n in.

Meeting up with Dino and Marty’s crew

Sunset from our campsite

Consulting the Thin Screen GPS: This road looks squiggly lets go here

Fun in Louisiana: This piers not that wobbly!

Mississippi Riverboat Casinos are a lot bigger than the Lake Tahoe variety.

Goin through the Bayou and another Civil War battlefield

3 states in one day sucks…

Taking a day off at the Tulsa Zoo




Fun at Colorado Gators. This is Albuquerque who was rescued and sent here by Cece’s Rattle Snake Museum.

Isolated mountain ghost towns

Going up in altitude, almost 2 miles high.

Chama New Mexico, the meeting hub of extreme travelers. This guy bicycled here from Canada! We ate with another biker from Alaska headed to Texas.

Hail Storm, oh crap! This is going to hurt… A LOT

Home at Last! For a few days anyway.

Eat’n with Patrick at Sandia Crust Pizza, a cool little Greatful Dead shrine in the east mountains.

Patrick pack’s everything but the kitchen sink

Back in Chama

Roswell, NM

Camping off the beaten path in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Discovering Sitting Bull Falls by accident

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

White Sands National Monument

New Bike! A 1976 BMW R90 joins the stable

Golden Aspen Rally 2009. Ruidoso, NM

Ride in the Aspens

Meeting up with Rick and Elvis from Sadly Elvis died a few weeks after this.

Vaughn, NM. On the way to visit Lalo after his bike wreck.

Just a few of the injuries from his bad wreck two months into recovery. He was getting the cast off and plates or pins out of the other wrist the day after I left. Once both arms are rehabbed enough for crutch use they can then operate on his knees.

Lalo gives up riding for his beautiful family.

Thanksgiving, Office Holiday Parties and 4 or 5 weeks of feasting. Do these pants make me look fat?

Albuquerque River of Lights

Christmas Eve on the plaza

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  • C.E.

    These are fun times and to remember when traveling. There’s is one thing that caught my eyes was my Great Grandmother Nanny.When she turned 100 yrs old for her birthday in July 25,2009.
    Actually she past away this January, 31, 2010 in Nacgodoches,Texas. These potos of here will always be great memories all times. We will miss her dearly.

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