Albuquerque River of Lights

Over the weekend we went to the Albuquerque River of Lights at the BioPark. The light displays are amazing and good photographic material. Check out the calender for additional entertainment, the night we went had carolers and the Albuquerque Symphony playing for music as we walked. Some of the displays and the fountains are driven by the sound also, very neat.

Fun for the whole family. There was blinkie light up cotton candy and glow sticks for the kids and coffee, tea or our choice of hot coco to warm up after a quick sprinkle made things a bit too cold.

I’ll put up some videos of the Symphony and carolers in another post, stay tuned.

The lit up terrarium was a cool backdrop, the lights slowly cycle through colors.

We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine … great now I cant get that chorus out of my head šŸ˜‰

New for this year, the pegasus was suspended in mid air and continually flapping its wings. Neat! Very hard to photograph though because the wings always end up blurred.

I think NBC needs to change their logo, this sponsor display is really cool.


These examples of the animated displays are increasingly difficult to capture with stills.

This ocean scene had a lot of movement and quite a few things going on at once, note the two sharks and multiple fish I ended up getting mid sequence as they moved.

The porcupine puffer fish and sea horse were slow enough that I could capture the different frames of the animation.

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