Day 13 – Trinidad, Colorado

Trinidad Colorado

Trinidad Colorado

Back at the Colorado Visitors Center in Lamar we had gotten some great advice that The Highway of Legends was not to be missed. Originally we had planned to go through Walsenburg to cut some time off our route to camp the next day on Navajo Lake. I sure am glad we rerouted, Trinidad turned out to be an amazing little town. Brick streets everywhere and very cool old brick and stone buildings. I could have spent a whole day just looking at all the neat architecture in this place.

We found out later this was suposedly the sex change capitol of the US, didnt seem any out of the ordinary to me. Then again we arrived late and left before most places were open 😉

We spent the night at a great motel in Trinidad, like something straight out of the 50’s on Route 66. It was late and raining by the time we got there and the lady at the counter was asking the usual questions and looking through the list of rooms available until Cece stepped in the door. “Oh! I have just the room for you two!” I think she gave us the couples suite, the place was huge! It was only $40 and surprisingly it had decent Internet as well, not like those expensive national chain places we had stayed at earlier with 1 bar of signal that dropped your connection every few minutes.

A few doors down were several other bikers who apparently lived there full time. A bit scary looking but nice guys. They were interested in hearing about our trip so far and where we were headed and gave us some excellent recommendations on the local favorite restaurants. We tried a Greek place that was outstanding, as good as any of the ones in Santa Fe. Thanks for the tip!

The next morning we cruised through town checking out all the side streets for the amazing buildings and stopped at the only local place we could find open. A little bistro/coffee shop. We weren’t exactly sure what an egg puff was so we each got a different kind to try. Sorta like quiche but more fluffy like meringue.

Unfortunately we had another very long day planned and couldn’t stay for long or check out the various museums. Trinidad is an amazing place, we’ll have to come back sometime. Luckily its just a long day trip from home going by the Interstate.

This Adam’s Family / Psycho looking house was a neat looking museum. Too bad it didnt open before we had to hit the road.

Look at these hilly brick streets, cool or what?

I believe this place was a brewery by the old signage. I love how the windows and doors and damage has been patched and rebricked up at least 6 different times over its history.

Patchwork of brick and stone

Patchwork of brick and stone

Heres the front of the same building.

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