Vaughn, NM

I mentioned earlier that Vaughn and Encino were pretty cool towns to photograph. I snapped a few photos out the window of the car on my way through to visit my bud Lalo who’s recovering from a bad motorcycle wreck. Again in a hurry I didn’t get to stop for long, maybe in the future when I’m not in a rush I can look around off the main streets for some other cool shots.

Not to give the impression that everything is run down, some things are nice like the 50’s style diner and this classic car.

On the other hand …

3 comments to Vaughn, NM

  • Lizard Lady

    I like the Old Wood House. That’s really cool to see. WOW!

  • Judy Risinger

    I knew the family that lived there… They had 23 children … and yes they all lived in that house. It only had 2 separate rooms… Kitchen and living room.. no indoor toilet….

  • I grew up in vaughn , I remember lalo padea very well, I am sorry to hear about his accident. he and his wife were very kind to me as a child. I used to walk to his store and bother him for candy…haha, the town has some beautiful old buildings, the old general store is really cool, lots of old cars everywhere.

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