Fall Colors

Was an absolutely beautiful day today. I spent the morning putting the bike back together and headed up the mountain to check out the fall colors and de-stress. The weather was perfect! Not too cold, not too hot. The sun was out with outstanding lighting.

I guess many others had the same idea as the roads were packed with cars and a fair number of bikes too. All were enjoying themselves. Got a few thumbs up from a few of the other motorists too, it felt good to be out.

On the way down the hill I spotted another familiar black and yellow airhead going up with a dog in the side car. I’d recognize Elvis’s beemer anywhere. I whipped a uie and raced back up the mountain to catch them. Elvis’s tail was waging all the way up through the turns, that dog just loves riding in a motorcycle.

At the top Rick and Elvis with the signature doggles posed for a few photos for the tourists and I managed to sneak one in. I just love this bike, the yellow pinstriping on black is very cool.

This is a ’89 R100GS. I wouldn’t think that a GS would make a good sidecar rig but this one just looks perfect. Talking with Rick for a bit he says hes going to put some Earls forks on this winter for better handling. Cant wait to see that.

Saw this pastel artist and stopped to talk to her for a bit. Sally Hayden Von Conta is a local artist and does some pretty nice work, check out her website.

The following is just random aspen with bike pictures in no particular order. Enjoy.

The couple in this Z3 loved the airhead. The guy says they came out when he graduated college and he’d always wanted one.

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