Ruidoso Golden Aspen Rally 2009

Its that time again, another Ruidoso Rally. Just random pics I took over the weekend that I liked.

Cool shovel head chopper, the red one beside it is close to what it would have started out as. Theres a little bit of everything at the Ruidoso Rallies, as you can see theres a lot of Harleys.

Theres a fair amount of Metrics also like this slick custom Yamaha V Star 1100 with an HD fender up front and a gangster fender in the rear.

And theres a healthy supply of customs like this thing. I have no idea what it started out as with recognizable bits and pieces from a lot of things, but thats an S&S engine in it now.

How long can you go?

Sport bikes and Harleys

HD Bobbers..

and Yamaha choppers.

BMW adventure bikes and cruisers

muscle bikes and super bikes

with lots of GoldWings mixed in. You can find just about everything at these rallies even some old Mexican Police Bikes.

Of course theres a parade that goes through town too that you can ride in or sit and watch to see lots of cool trikes and other unusual rides.

This guy had won the over 1000cc cruiser class in the show. I like the brown leather seats and bags and cool wolf touches.

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