Mexican Federale Police Bikes

These are some of the pics of one of the groups of Mexican police at the Ruidoso Golden Aspen Rally over the weekend, I think there was about 25-30 of them. Former president Fox was also in the state, so they may have come up to the rally first and then went further north to escort him.

They were mostly all on very old Harleys, a few with some cool mods, with a few Goldwings, and Yamahas thrown in. It was a real hodgepodge of a fleet, it wouldn’t surprise me if these are the actual ones used in regular duty.

This bike was flawless with perfect chrome glittering in the sun. I believe this one belongs to the “special” acrobatic motorcycle police from Mexico City. Look on YouTube there’s several videos of them up there. Its a long ways from home.

Most of the other bikes were well used and abused. This ones thoroughly broken in.

Closeup of the sirens that run off the rear wheels they all used

I guess all the country flags on the second plates are where they have jurisdiction? including the US

The Yamaha Star in the middle was also a converted police bike. After 4 or 5 mins and 30-40 kicks this one roared to life and we exchanged thumbs up. I’m feeling a lot more confident of getting away with speeding across the border. 😉

Most of them had rocker clutches, I’ve never actually seen one used before. Pretty cool.

I guess the guy riding bitch broke down in the rain? Just a bit embarrassing

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