Dyna Beads

Dyna Beads

I had heard about these Dynabeads on the CC&D and ADV forums and supposedly they were very good with no real complaints against them. I understand the physics behind them. If your tire is out of balance and say the weight moves it up then the beads will stay in place causing them to move down and counteract it, Newtons laws of motion. The videos are convincing also. I decided to try them with my new set of tires and got some more for my dad’s Father’s Day present.

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Engine Knock

Continued tuning problems, a bit of knocking at higher temps and running hot according to my new crankcase gauge have been worrying me, so I had the guy from SF Motorsports take a look at it this morning. I had been riding it hard for 30 mins to get it nice and hot before I got there, then he rode it down the Interstate and came back, then ran the temps with an infrared gun. The front jug was 250f the rear 260f, apparently thats great and well within specs. Also the crankcase temp he was showing was much cooler than what my thermometer was showing, he says the gauge could be off or the oil is just that much hotter than the metal, but nothing to worry about. The gauge was reading 95C at the time.

I’m pretty sure the gauge is spot on, holding it in my hand for a while when it came in it was reading whatever 96F is.

On the knocking noise he says it does have a tiny bit of a knock but with as many miles is on my bike most of the ones they work on are much worse than mine. He says it feels nice and tight and surprisingly good still. I told him it started after my long ride against that massive headwind where I burned off all that oil and he says the 650’s will do that if you keep them at full throttle for a long time, it gets too hot and starts to wear down the bearings on the rods. He says just expect the knocks to get noisier over time, but nothing to worry about. He says they see these bikes last to 50K with not even taking care of them or doing hardly any maintenance, and it looks like I’m taking good care of mine so it should last a lot longer than that.

That other noise that I was thinking sounded like an exhaust leak maybe, was actually the intakes, it just sounds crazy loud with the windshield on there.

So all of this has been a huge load off my mind, I’ve been doing all this stuff chasing my tail for nothing I guess. I didnt have any cash on me and he didnt charge me, I think I’ll go back tomorrow and give him a $20 for being a huge help.

1959 Austin Mini stone guard mod

Latest mod: Wire headlight stone guards off a 1959 Austin Mini.

I got this idea after my first trial run to try out the new pipes and check my overheating problem. Bike was doing well so my short trip down to Madrid turned into a longer trip down to the Greenside Cafe (highly recommended if you’re ever in the Cedar Crest area) where I parked next to an old Packard and the famous Bentley thats there regularly.

Classic Bentley in Cedar Crest

Classic Bentley in Cedar Crest

With the 2 into 1 pipes with flexible covers that remind me of the supercharged Duesenbergs, tri-bar headlight, the old school Goodson air cleaner and the ’39 Lincoln Zephyr tail lights, my bike is starting to develop its own style from that era. I love the way the headlights look on the Bentley, I thought wire guards just might work.

New headlight rim
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Packing Checklist

This is just a preliminary packing list so I can start thinking about all we need to take so we dont get halfway to Texas and realize we forgot something. I’ll add more and update as I think of stuff.

Nav stuff

Preliminary Route

Preliminary Route

Preliminary Route

  1. 191 miles, Ruidoso, NM : Pam & Baldo
  2. 248 miles, Seminole, TX : Lalo
  3. 368 miles, Irving, TX : Patrick
  4. 122 miles, Flint, TX : Terry & Wanda
  5. 123 miles, Sam Rayburn Resevior : Campground
  6. 214 miles, Sam Rayburn Resevior : Campground  – Dino’s and back
  7. 215 miles,  Natchez, MS : Campground
  8. 239 miles, Pine Bluff, AK : Campground
  9. 316 miles, Tulsa, OK : Tiff
  10. 201 milesTulsa, OK : Tiff – Oklahoma City and back
  11. 334 miles, Dodge City, KS : Motel
  12. 283 miles, Walsenburg, CO : Motel
  13. 222 miles, Durango, CO : Campground
  14. 247 miles, Santa Fe, NM : Home!

Notes:  Per Patrick, best way into Irving from that side:  20E -> 30E -> 820N -> 183E

Goodson Air Cleaner

Got in my Goodson Air Cleaner from Rich at Shamrock Fabrication, it looks fantastic! I guess Dennis had been waiting on the polishers and these had been back ordered for a while.

There are some little casting marks and imperfections on the top half that could not be polished out, the bottom half is perfect. I would have preferred it to be reveresed so it wouldnt be as noticable but from a pace or two away I dont think its visable and gives it that hand done look. Maybe I should mount it upside down on the other side and keep the GAK air kit so it looks like an old Indian and really throw people off.

The faux vents on mine were polished out also and not blackened like in the pictures, possibly from them having to do extra polishing on this one. You can see how shiny the vents were in this pic, I forgot to take one before I started masking stuff off.

Masking for paint

Masking for paint

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