My ankle was killing me this morning. The insurance is paying for medical, and somehow they calculate pain and suffering from medical expenses and lost wages so I might as well get it checked out.

Went to urgent care around 9:20 and the parking lot was a ghost town, they dont open till 10 on saterday? Sorry, you arent allowed to get sick on the weekends.

To kill time I went looking for some breakfast and found the Over Easy Cafe hidden in a nook around the corner, sounds like my kind of place. They have fabulous omelets, can get them smothered with chile or incorporated with chile. Great atmosphere, the guy at the register seemed to know everyone who came in by first name and was happy to talk to you if he didnt. Like a breakfast version of Cheers, I will be back.

Back around the corner at exactly 10 and the parkinglot was full and there was practically a line out the door. So much for getting first in line, I hope none of these guys have swine flu.

Eventually I got seen and they ordered up some X Rays for me. Then some 2 1/2 hrs of waiting in a little room in a uncomfortable chair later they finally had the machine fixed. It was the technicians first day and he was unfamiliar with the software for that machine, it had crashed and the computer wouldnt reboot. I said well you should have called me to fix it LOL. He worked at both Los Alamos and Santa Fe hospitals on many operating systems but not that one.

X Rays showed nothing so far. The Dr says hairline or spiral breaks take a few weeks to show up and can mainly be seen only after they’ve started to heal and new bone has grown into the break. Well thats next to worthless information. He did say I have a contusion and deep tissue bruising in the ankle and heel, with crushed tendons and those can take several weeks to start to get better.

The reason my feet were hurting so much in the morning and usually fine by noon was the fluids pool in your feet at night and cause things to hurt until better circulation from moving around. Sleeping at night with my foot elevated seems to have helped a lot.

I was prescribed one of those boot things but the only two places in town that carry that sort of stuff close at noon and I was stuck waiting on the broken machine so long I didnt get out of there for 4 hours and nothing was open till monday.

Time to rent a bunch of movies and get a bag of doritos

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  • I have to say that this story has been a long adventure for Tim, a nightmare at the dr. It sure seems funny reading this story. It reminds of me going to the Dr for a small pain I had way back in three months ago. They do take forever to get you inside to see the main Dr. Yep, it’s CRAZY alright. Let’s just hope this kinda thing wouldn’t never happen again. Let keep our head up and hope to be saved again.
    Thank my God above for healing our pain and saving us from really bad wreck. Amen!

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