Tim the drunken sailor

No offense to sailors, most I know would never get wasted and go crazy with money, mostly because they’re eternally broke, lol. I feel like I’ve been spending money like its going out of style. OEM parts from one place, new pipes from Shane at sscustomcycle.com, and carb screws and stuff from Ziv, and jacket and upgrades from yet another place. Some artwork from EBay and night sky AIS removal plugs also. I’ve never spent this much or bought this much stuff all at once ever. I’m definitely trying to do my part to bail out the economy.

His insurance decided that based on the police report they’d accept liability on friday. I got the check in yesterday, talk about fast service. I’ve never gotten anything that quickly to my PO Box. Just in time for my credit card bills too, so I can pay this stuff off before I acrew intrest on it.

Shane contacted me and said he could get the pipes in 4 days and then hed send them on to me, sweet! You have no idea how long I’d been waiting to get those on. I tried ordering last year only to find out that RoadHouse had been bought and the other company was building more of the pipes that sold and less of the 650 pipes. They had been on backorder for 3 months and one of the vendors gave me his contact number for them, and the secretary then forwarded me onto the head guy on the shop floor with all the machining noises in the background, how cool is that? The shop guy told me they werent expecting to run another batch of the 650 pipes until sometime in November, and this was maybe the beginning of October at the time. Its majorly annoying to have a huge purchase waiting to go through on one of your cards at potentially any day that could take you over the limit, I’d rather they just billed me right away and sent the parts later you know so its easier for me to budget. Two years I’ve been drooling over those pipes as they’ve been pulled from nearly every online vendor, I didnt think I’d ever get a set. I am so stoked.

Ziv wrote me back that he would ship to the right address thankfully, I was getting worried after that thread on the forums earlier of trouble with orders. Right when I hit submit I noticed that Paypal had screwed up and had some sort of glitch, they put my address from 5 years ago on there and not the one I’ve been at for the last two. What the hell? I’ve used paypal many times since I moved and they’ve always had the right address. Anyway, I dont know what the all the guys on the CC&D forums have been complaining about. Ziv has always answered my emails, hes the one who helped me out with the high altitude jetting issues and got me to try opening up the stock air cleaner instead of decreasing my stock jets, something that the forum documentation says never to do with stock pipes in several places. I’ve called him a few times for help and hes always answered, and then went on talking Santa Fe and NM for another hour heh. Anyone who used to live here cant be all that bad right?

The only orders I’m concerned about are the OEM stuff, especially the fender. Luckily if I’m still waiting on just the fender before the trip I can leave without it. Every time I’ve ordered OEM parts online its been a bit of a crap shoot, sometimes it arrives quickly and other times it can take months. The time I ordered my two more helmet locks to replace the one that fell off somewhere they had to ship them from Japan and it took 6 or 7 weeks to get here, the company kept apologizing it was taking so long and sent the rest of my order ahead of time, which was just the torx screw to hold it on with LOL. They sent one screw in a insured, padded box by priority FedEx. I bet it cost them $4 to send me a 10 cent part.

I’m praying that the motorcycle gods smile upon me and grant fast shipment of my OEM parts.

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  • I have heard about the bike order and parts that Tim been trying to get and get working before the biggest trip of our life for the first time. So, I know how hard when it comes to getting your orders from different places. You think it would come right on time. Which not all the time. Yeah – I am going to spend the Memorial day weekned in santa Fe with Tim and helping him with his bike. Huh – I don’t know anything about how to put a Motorcycle bike and parts back together. I am very clueless when it come more than a car work that I don’t know about or anything about bike works. Thank goodness Tim know what he doing. I would be standing there say ” honey, what are you talking about and where does that goes, how do you know that “. Yep that would be me askimg thousand of questions to Tim that might thing I’m out of my mind. Well I guess it ok. I’m starting to learn more about the motorcycle and bike part while Tim shows me and explain it to me. It great fun to know what your dealing with and the cost of it. It’ll just be a whole new bike again after it’s fixs right..I hope.

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