I need a new bike

Triumph Pinstriping

Triumph Pinstriping

No, I dont think I’ll ever get rid of the Star. I need a new bike if only to go with this I bought on EBay. I know this isnt technically a bike related part to be buying but it was just too awesome to pass up. I love the pinstriping on this and its even in my color.

One of these days I’ll get a Triumph, I havent decided which yet. I like the light offroadability of the new Scramblers and if I do wind up getting a place out near Madrid, I will need something like that just to get down the driveway. I also like the looks of the Thruxton and the original cafed bikes. hard choices.

I also got this one, it has a black background with white speckles in it where the paint didnt stick.  Its a cool effect I wonder how its done. The pinstriping is fantastic, this will be a great addition to my future garage or game room.

I’m running out of room for all this stuff LOL. However, when I eventually get my house I’ll already have all the decorations for it heh.

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  • One of these months I am going to actually be part of Tim’s motorcycle collection no matter what he buy or order on the web. Hmmm – I’m kinda enjoying what Tim gets for his bike. Of course one of these day he really needs a new bike for sure but if he buy a house or build it…I gues i’m going to be living with bike stuff in the garage and shed with all the bike parts. I think I’m just going let those stuff in the house. It’s part of his fun and it’s a guy thing. As sweet I am to Tim. I’ll just let it come to me and be special everyday and say ” sure Honey you can have whatever you want “. Just don’t surprise me with a strange in our house. I might just fall to the ground. I keep thinking that living with Tim might a be scary thing to me but maybe not… I’m not sure yet. We’ll see if I move in with Tim in a house that’s already built and from bottom to top into a house. All I say ” he the grestest guy have now and forever”.

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